Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Fame Monster [Deluxe Edition]

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By Kyle23
Let's make this simple and quick,If your over the age of 12 and you like this music then you are a stupid person

"This Album Is Censored" 2010-01-14
By I. Buchanan (London, UK)
Its a great addition to an already great album, but this CD is Censored! even the original tracks.

I don't understand why the law requires labels to state when a CD is the original and contains explicit language but they don't have to inform you if the CD you're buying has been modified (censored) from the original.

"A little monster's perspective" 2010-01-14
By Panda
You may have noticed the awful ratings this album has received on Amazon,

but do take time to read them and you will see, most are only complaining about the censoring they have done.

Not only does the deluxe version contain the Fame Monster,

it comes with Lady GaGa's original album, the Fame, thanks to her.

From radio hits like Poker Face and Just Dance,

to new songs like Monster and Bad Romance,

this album contains too many good songs to choose from,

and it has turned me into a little monster, searching for last bits of crumbs,

of this delicious cookie Lady GaGa presented us.

I listen to her songs constantly, jogging, working, and even on school bus.

I never buy music CDs, but this was an exception.

This is pure entertainment package, filled with surprises, there is no marketing deception,

found in the Haus of Lady GaGa.

This girl is simply too amazing, and will go far, far.

"Lady Gaga's Music is Terrible" 2010-01-13
By Alex (Jersey City, NJ)
I love music, I live for music, I have a serious audiophile set up, but when did popularity = music? Has anyone actually listened to Lady Gaga's music. It's terrible. I wouldn't even comment on her dumb looking hair cuts, strange clothing or virago voice.

I've seen a bunch of teeny bopper singers and one-hit-wonders become popular, but can someone please explain to me how this talentless repeating record ended up becoming popular. I mean seriously, compared to today's other top selling album by Susan Boyle, at least Susan has a background in musical training and a voice that doesn't sound like Joe at the loading dock with blaring subwoofers. Does repeating an annoying beat endless times, over and over and over make for good music - is this part of the strategy of the promoters to drown out her rash voice?

I just don't get it and refuse to get on the populous bandwagon.

What ever happened to Deborah Harry "Blondie" at least she had talent and a repertoire of songs that all didn't have the same muffled and endlessly repeated reverb.

I'll pass on this no talent phenom and count the days until she just disappears...

"Great album, too bad it's censored" 2010-01-13
By C. Hutchinson
This album would have 5 stars from me if it was not censored. Too bad. Why even bother putting the F word in a song if you're going to bleep it out? Come on! Amazon needs to mention SOMEWHERE that this is censored...I would not have bought it. I understand that parents don't want their kids to hear "bad words" (actually, I don't really understand it-like they don't KNOW what the real lyrics are), but for adults, this is absolutely stupid. THIS is why people download bootlegged versions of things: Not because they are cheap, but because they don't want an INFERIOR product.

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